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Yoga Home Practice

Setting up a regular home practice is beneficial in so many ways. It not only deepens your experience of moving through asanas, it also allows the layers of knowledge to penetrate the body/mind/spirit connection. The more consistently we practice, the more we connect to our inner source of peace and well being, which has a ripple affect not only on ourselves, but for those we come in contact with. Since most of us can't get to classes everyday or week, a home practice is a vital practice. It sets the tone for each day, creating new habits through providing focus and intention.

This handout is a guide to getting started with your home practice. Feel free to add your own favorite poses and to explore how long you hold each pose. Find a time of day that works best with your energy level and schedule, to support a successful home routine.

I love that I can take my yoga practice with me anywhere I go. It's portable, flexible and makes traveling easier on my body. So please Enjoy, In Joy, With Joy

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