About Robin

I am fortunate to have found work that brings me joy, and to share these practices with family, friends, students and clients. I have lived and worked in Western MA for most of my adult life, enjoying the beauty and quality of living that is present in this valley. I am certified in Wholeness Energetics, am a Usui Reiki Master and Yoga teacher with over twenty five years of teaching experience. I am excited to offer these modalities of transformation, physical discipline, relaxation, and healing in my practice, including energy medicine. Each of these practices offer deep support and growth in different ways, yet are complementary to each other. 


Meditation, hiking, reading, singing and spending time with family and friends is the foundation of my life.









Robin teaches yoga in the context of an aesthetic appreciation.  She brings balance poses I’ve never seen that are simply beautiful in shape.  She encourages a sense of design, and while I may be struggling with a pose, the geometry helps me do the pose more completely, while also being in a space that respects the natural form of the human body, beautiful in all its shapes. L.L.


"Robin is that rare individual who combines tremendous personal integrity and power with a vast capacity to help others move faster and further along their own healing path. She works with the utmost respect for each individual's unique development, all the while harnessing universal energies for health and healing on behalf of each person with whom she comes into contact. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from all of my experiences with Robin in her professional capacities, and unreservedly recommend her as a healer and as a yoga teacher." GW