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Counseling and Energy Work

Wholeness Energetics, Reiki, Crystal support and Flower Essences

Within each of us is a deep well of information that we can access to promote growth and healing. As a practitioner, I blend a unique combination of Wholeness Energetics, Usui Reiki and Crystals/Flower Essences to support change and empowerment to help access that which needs healing and release. I stand as a witness and guide, holding the space with acceptance, patience, and the truth that we are already whole in our beings; we have just forgotten. Together we explore the depths to unpack the competing forces within us, shining a light on the emotional residue of old patterns and thought forms that we've hidden away and no longer serve our highest good, whether they stem from early childhood, are passed on through our ancestors, or from what we've brought into this life, that calls out for healing.

Wholeness Energetics approaches unpacking subconscious information through a clear, systematic process by one of 15 access points or portals. Portals such as mirroring or identifying as another person, chakra or prana (breath) imbalances, and forgiveness and acceptance are some examples that facilitate the process of uncovering where we are stuck. Emotions, physical symptoms, beliefs, identifications, shoulds, conclusions/decisions and patterns are revealed through exploring these access points. Once issues are uncovered, a goal is set to chart next steps. One of 20 balances is then chosen to shift the energy and solidify the goal. 

Certified Wholeness Energetics Practitioner What does it mean to live from a place of wholeness? Quickly learn how to tap into deeply held behaviors through goal setting, muscle testing and uncovering beliefs and patterns attached to our stories. Learn how to let those beliefs go and clear internal space to feel lighter in body/mind/spirit. Wholeness Energetics is a system of energy medicine developed by Deborah Wilson and promotes:

  • freedom from old and restrictive patterns

  • release of physical, emotional, & spiritual pain

  • accessing subconscious information to clear trapped emotions

  • an increased sense of peace and happiness 


Usui Reiki Master (a Japanese healing modality) supports: 

  • relaxation, pain relief and restful sleep

  • preventative health care

  • recovery pre and post surgery

  • an increased sense of well-being


Crystals and Flower Essences:

  •  vehicles to shift the body's vibration

  • attunes emotional & spiritual imbalances


        Patience, Passion & Stillness                                                                                                Compassion for Self & Others


Each of these modalities are a form of complementary healing that supports conventional medical or therapeutic practices. They will not interfere with medications or other modes of treatment. 


Office location: Amherst, MA         

Sessions are on Zoom or Face Time and now that I'm fully vaccinated, in person scheduling is available

Contact Robin to book a session


Fees: Wholeness Energetics Session: $110  *1 1/2 - 2 hour sessions

           Reiki Session $80                               

           Yoga & Reiki $100

   Sliding Scale available upon request


Testimonials - Wholeness Energetics and Reiki


Robin started right in, giving me a choice of methods we might use while suggesting that Wholeness Energetics might be the strongest approach. She got deep results very quickly and was really right on point with everything that had been idling beneath the surface. I was so intrigued that I went for a second visit the following week, and I'm sure that won't be my last. Totally worth it.  ~J.S.

Wholeness Energetics is nothing like I've ever experienced before. I had been in conventional therapy for years and didn't reach the same depth of information that I got from ONE session with Robin. Blew me away with how quickly and deeply old stuff was uncovered and let go of.  Such wonderful work and she brings such integrity and presence to her practice. Highly recommend. ~ J.T. 

While receiving a Reiki session with Robin, I experienced the deepest meditation I've ever had. It was like getting an "inside" massage and at times felt like a train was barreling through my body.  ~ J.W.


Working with Robin has been nothing less than an amazing experience for me. As a clinical practitioner, what I love is the bypass from the head to the heart. Her skills seem to widen the process into a fullness that only someone who is truly in touch with yoga and meditation can. I find her very approachable, but what has been most amazing for me has been that our work together never fails to focus on aspects of my life that I've longed to develop for years. As I learn this process myself, I continue to work with Robin both as a colleague and a mentor.  Ever grateful, K.W.N.


I have personally benefited greatly from Robin’s gift as a healer and her amazing skill as a Reiki Practitioner in my recovery from surgery. She is exceptional in her sensitivity, is informative regarding the process and demonstrates professional expertise. I would highly recommend her. ~J.S.

Robin's Reiki treatments have helped renew my energy, focus and equanimity as I've faced health challenges and work dilemmas. I have a deep appreciation of the attention and presence she brings to this work. ~P.H.

Robin was amazing and really helped me identify negative patterns in my life through Wholeness Energetics. ~ G.O.

Wholeness Energetics was a deeply profound healing experience. I came in not knowing what to expect ... and left with a very deep, spiritual breakthrough that my soul has been desperately seeking. I look forward to returning for more sessions! ~ S.H.


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