Grounding in winter in Tadasana

This seemingly simple pose offers much in the way of finding alignment, settling the body in awareness and grounding. Tadasana is a wonderful pose to explore and deepen during the heart of winter. It's so important to stay grounded during these months to prevent falls and to generate heat in your body. It is actually one of my favorite poses, as it reminds me to find my center and bring awareness to my breath and feet. When I move into Tadasana I spread my toes wide and soften them to the floor. I stand evenly across the feet, feeling my shoulders line up with hips, then knees and then ankles. Keeping a neutral spine, the buttocks soften and knees face forward. As I tune more closely into

Relax With Restorative Yoga

During these cold winter months the calling to hibernate runs deep. Allowing my body to settle into a restorative yoga practice supports letting go, calming down the nervous system and relaxing into a deep and restful state. You don't need a lot of fancy props such as the ones shown here. You can use cushions from your couch, pillows, a stack of blankets and books to support your body, instead of bolsters and blocks if you don't have them. The key is to get as comfortable in these positions as you can, making sure that your head, neck, shoulders, back, knees and ankles are supported and cushioned, so you can settle in for awhile. I like to stay in each of these poses for 10-15 minutes, so ma

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