Morning Recital

Four women walked quietly from the cabin tucked in the woods at Temenos Retreat Center; one of many retreats this group had taken together over twenty years. We carried shawls, water and layers of clothing, as the chill of mid spring was in the air, even as the sun poked through budding leaves. We had decided to find our way to the screen house, following an obscure little path that looked more like a deer trail than one that led to this treasure of a building. Entering, we removed shoes, opened trunks that sat inside, pulled out throw rugs and cushions and set up our altar in the center of the room. In silence we lighted the central candle and wrapped ourselves in the warmth of our shawls a

Finding Balance

My gaze soft, I take on the shape of the trees outside my window. I root my standing foot, relax my jaw and find uijayi breath to quiet my thoughts. With each breath I concentrate on relaxing my shoulders, opening my hips and lengthening through my inner ribs to create space. Hands in prayer, I lift them towards sky, just as the branches do in my front yard. Vrksasana or tree pose is an invitation to connect, to extend our roots deeply into the earth and ground; to find a stable base while standing on one foot. It's also an opportunity to reach towards the heavens or to hold in silent prayer. To begin Vrksasana, stand with your feet slightly apart, nice and parallel. Lift and spread your toe

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