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Energy Tools For Immune Support

We have entered a time when so much about our lives feels like it is spiraling out of control. Between the state of our country/world and the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, stress levels are peaking at an all time high. So what can we do to alleviate stress and support our physical, emotional and mental states, so we stay healthy and centered? Developing a home yoga practice is one way and working with tools to strengthen our energy systems is another vital piece.

Donna Eden is a well established energy medicine practitioner who has developed practices to keep our energy bodies humming in a healthy and balanced way. These techniques help us fight off infection and to manage our healing process better if we do become sick.

The first series to practice everyday is The Four Thumps. The four thumps are pathways that connect our body's energy systems, to allow them to communicate with each other with more clarity. By tapping or massaging these points, we open the body's potential to move into greater balance. This routine done first thing in the morning begins the day on a positive note, but can be practiced at any time during the day when your energy is running low. However, it's best not to do this close to bedtime as it can be quite stimulating.

1. Stomach Meridian Points

The stomach meridian points are located on the orbital bones just below the eyes. With two fingers, tap firmly on these cheekbone points.

Tapping on these points stimulates the stomach meridian, which supports the body's ability to ground by connecting with earth's energies. Think of it as a battery recharge, as your body's electrical system connects with the earth's magnetic energy.

2. Kidney-27 Points

The K-27 points lie just under the collarbones. To find these points, slide your fingers to where the collarbones meet just below the throat. Bring fingertips just below collarbones and slightly to the side of the breastbone. You'll feel a slight indentation between the collarbones and the breastbone. Tap or massage firmly for several breaths.

K-27 points get all of your meridians in tune with each other. They support the respiratory system and help to open up the chest, as well as helping to release the fight or flight response, allowing us to relax more deeply.

3. Thymus Gland

To access the benefits of the thymus, tap or massage firmly right in the center of your breastbone with the four fingers of both hands for about 20 seconds.

Tapping the thymus gives your immune system a boost. It helps to activate your energy, while increasing strength and vitality.

4. Spleen Meridian Points

Tracing out from the breasts to the side body, in line with the armpits, tap or massage vigorously for about 15 seconds. Or, slide just below nipples onto rib bones and tap or massage. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

A balanced spleen is crucial for our overall health, and tapping these neurolymphatic points releases built up toxins and helps to fight infection. It brings your body's rhythms into balance, releases stress and supports the body's ability to metabolize food, thoughts, emotions and our reactions to life's experiences.

The Hook Up technique strengthens your aura and connects the central meridian, which connects to your central nervous system, and the governing meridian, which oversees the energy systems of the other meridians and organs. To do the Hook Up, bring the middle finger of one hand to the point between the brows, and the middle finger of the other hand to the naval. Push in with both fingers and pull up slightly, taking several breaths here or until you feel a deep sigh.

Massaging your neurolymphatic points releases toxins that are held in the lymph glands. To do this, massage across the chest in between the ribs, the inner line where the arm joins the shoulder, under the breasts and under your armpits. Pay particular attention to any areas that feel tender or sore and massage them regularly.

To support healthy digestion, massage the large and small intestine lines that run along the upper legs. The large intestine line is located on the outside of the thigh from below the hip to just above the knee, and the small intestine line is on the inner thigh to just above the knee.

To support the adrenal glands, bring your fingers to your naval, then slide slightly up and slightly to the sides, massaging these points with some pressure. Massaging these points support the healthy functioning of the adrenals, which regulate your metabolism, stress, blood pressure and the immune system through the production of hormones.

To release panic and calm down your fight or flight response, bring your hand two finger widths below the naval. Squeeze the skin and twist to the side for about ten breaths. Then squeeze and twist in the opposite direction for ten breaths.

My hope is that you find these techniques helpful in managing physical and emotional stress. Keep me posted and contact me if you have any questions.

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