"The Shape of My Pain"

“The Shape of My Pain” A dear friend/client of mine had a rough fall on the ice and broke her clavicle and two ribs on the right side. This, just weeks after recovering from shoulder surgery. I went to her home to provide a session in energy healing, bringing in the practice of Wholeness Energetics and Reiki. She was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in her right shoulder blade and couldn't get relief. This pain was having an impact on her ability to sleep, and get the rest that her body was so needing to heal. I had her lie down on her back with pillows under her knees to make her more comfortable. We began the session by bringing in the ujjayi breath, which helps to calm and focus t

Ujjayi or Ocean Breath

Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you.” ~ Tirumalai Krishnamacharya Running around the playground as a ten year old, I remember my PE teacher Mr Grady telling us to breathe into our chests. He drummed that into us every class, and for years after I wondered why I was always out of breath when I exerted myself. I even thought I might have asthma, as it felt so constricted. It wasn't until my firstborn arrived that my breathing changed. As his tiny body lay on my bed, I studied the movement of his breath, and was struck with how it naturally moved deeply in his belly. I was determined to copy my son and change my breathing habits. This was my first

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