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My Feathered Friend

My namesake came to visit a couple of weeks ago in the form of a feathered friend. He flew into my dining room window, opening his wings wide as he hit the glass over and over, finally giving up and flying away. But a few days later I was relaxing on my porch and again, the robin began to fly into my window. This time it was the north side of the house and he was very persistent. I thought it unusual because he always started from the ground, so he couldn't see his reflection from that angle. Yet over and over again with wings spread wide he launched himself into the glass.

I've learned over the years to pay close attention to the wilder animal kingdom when it presents itself. It used to take three encounters to get my attention, whereas now it's more like two. These critters always have a message for me, for us, if we can but listen. As I sat on the couch, I began to chirp at robin and ask why it was coming to visit. It sat on a branch next to the window and turned its head peeking in at me, unafraid.

For several weeks I had been on an emotional roller coaster ride. I am leaving my teaching position as a Learning Specialist at the school where I've taught for 22 years. I have taught in school settings for over 40 years, so this leave taking is a large part of my identity that is coming to a close. My emotions were getting the better of me as I moved through sadness, joy, fear, apprehension, excitement, doubt, agitation, worry; you get the picture...getting stuck in some of the feelings longer than others as I projected into the future.

I'd never looked up my namesake before, so I was curious to see what might come up. I googled “animal spirit robin”, and wow did it knock my socks off! It was exactly what I needed to hear and so on target, that this little bird's message immediately turned me around, softening and loving this change I am going through. Amazing how it shifted my perspective and helped me to let go of my projections.

Robin's message is about finding happiness in change and letting go of the past with joy. They are change makers associated with Spring, the season of renewal, and they guide us in the wisdom of growth. Their song is a joyful one and even in a territorial dispute, male robins sing to each other rather than acting out aggressively. Letting go of the past and embracing change, we are free to nurture ourselves and others.

Since robins stick around during the winter months, they are reminders that when we tune into our inner strengths and trust ourselves, we can still thrive even when life throws us lemons. They teach us to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

Robins are also associated with Divine wisdom, and European mythology correlates robins with the rebirth of the spirit. Who knew that this little feathered being carries so much positivity and depth of spirit and compassionate expression.

Robin's been hanging around my yard since then and stays close to me when I'm outside. He hasn't flown into my windows again because he doesn't need to. He did his job of delivering the message and now it's up to me to listen and respond.

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