Heal Thyself

I am avid in my yoga practice and find myself on my mat most days first thing in the morning. Several years ago though, what started as a slight pull grew to become more troublesome as the weeks went by. I thought I'd be able to push through the pain and it would pass, but my body had other ideas and I wasn't listening. I wasn't taking the advice that I always give my yoga students; which is to respect and listen to your body. It won't lie to you when you need to back off and do something differently. So instead of the pain lessening, it was getting worse. I had a groin pull that took me 14 months to fully heal. For the first month, it was painful to teach my classes. It was challenging to d

Finding Our Way 'OM'

The sound of OM resonates deeply on all levels of our being. It connects body, mind and spirit, vibrating with a universal beat. It is the sound within all aspects of nature, and we are always immersed in the resonance of OM, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. This is the sound that runs through our prana or breath, and bringing attention to this tone connects us to Source. It brings together the past, present and future, contains all sound within, and attunes us to the primordial prayer of life. As a chant, OM opens up the nadis or energy pathways, giving voice to our breath, our awareness, our connection to life itself. This one syllable holds the connection to the innermost

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