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Supermarket Yoga

I love it that yoga, which is such an integral part of my life is so portable. I can take it anywhere, whether it's the red rocks of Sedona, the beaches on Cape Cod, inside a studio or into the supermarket. I always suggest jokingly and half seriously to my students that when they are out in the community their practice can be taken with them. I often make a couple of suggestions for one or two poses they can practice while grocery shopping, such as squat to reach the lower shelves or a shifting onto one foot and then the other to work on balance while waiting in line to check out. I always stress that these can be practiced quite unobtrusively.

Recruiting my dear friend Deb to take it a step further, we brought it off the mat and into the market in a big way. She was game to not only humor me, but to help create our version of “Supermarket Yoga”. With many embarrassing moments and much laughter, maybe one or two of these asanas will inspire you to get creative and out of your comfort zone too. Many thanks to Stop & Shop for transforming into our studio space that day.

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