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Myself, Here and Now

Myself, Here and Now

I am Robin -No, I am Here – No, I am Now – No! So if I'm not Robin and I'm not here or in this time frame, then who, where and when am I? Through the practice of Wholeness Energetics or WE, I have learned that when I'm feeling off physically, emotionally or mentally, the first thing I need to check is if I'm identifying as myself, here at this time, and in this location. If testing through kinesiology shows me that I'm not, then the next step is to check if I'm identifying as another person or as a concept. Next, I narrow down the time frame; maybe I'm stuck in my childhood or as a young adult, or it's leftover energy brought into this lifetime. A pattern that began then was set off because of a recent conversation or event that unconsciously reminded me of that habit. Once I determine the who and at what age this began, I can then zero in on what was happening in my life at that time.

Because this recent encounter re-triggered this response, I have to dig a little deeper to see what might have set me off. Where it shows up physically, emotionally or mentally can provide needed clues to steer me in the right direction. It could have been an encounter with a family member or friend, a conversation in the supermarket or a recent trip. Piece by piece, I open to what is emerging from my subconscious that will clue me in as to why I'm not myself and why the ego has latched onto this particular challenge. Somehow I need to connect the dots between what happened in the present time that relates to what happened in the past.

An example of this was when I was having a lot of pain in my left shoulder that just wasn't going away. It's pain that I'd carried for as long as I can remember, and no amount of yoga or physical therapy had really helped it to feel better. When I could explore this issue more closely through WE, I found that I was identifying as my mother, carrying some of her grief with the loss of my brother who I never knew. There were so many triggers that contributed to flareups, but the one that most clearly came to light was when March was approaching, as that was when my brother died so many years ago.

Having three sons of my own, I could only imagine how profound that loss was for my mom, and as a young child I took some of that on, hoping to alleviate her pain. I wasn't consciously aware that that was what I was doing. I buried it so deeply in my subconscious that it took me most of my lifetime to uncover it.

We often try to take away pain that isn't ours, out of our desire to protect and care for our loved ones. This didn't really help my mom, but did cause me a lot of grief over the years, until I could get in touch with the source and heal what was a family history of pain.

I know it may sound odd that we could be identifying as someone else. This can happen when we're angry, insecure, jealous or any other emotion that has us hooked. The person that we're furious with could be the one we're identifying as. I've seen this as the “Ah Ha” moment when my client realizes how and why they've taken on this person's attributes. Really, any of our emotional responses could be attached to someone else, perpetuating the cycle of distress. We might be projecting ourselves into an imagined future date, so understanding what we think is approaching can clue us in too. It's quite common as to how often this comes up for clients when they're feeling stressed, exhausted or unwell. We're just not aware that it's happening until we can bring it more consciously to the surface.

This is one of the access points that Wholeness Energetics uses to tap into the subconscious mind; one that has served me well over the years in getting in touch with old patterns and habits that no longer serve me or my clients and can be let go.

I offer an introductory 20 minute WE session for free, so please contact me if you'd like to set up a time to try it out.

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