Get Down - The Benefits of Squat

My yoga students often think I'm joking when I suggest taking their asanas into daily life, such as grocery shopping or doing chores at home, but since most of them do not have a home practice, bringing a pose or two into an average day is a reminder to bring it off the mat and into the world. Squat is one of the poses I often suggest. It is an easy one to practice at the market when you need something from a lower shelf, or at home to support opening the hips and strengthening core muscles. There are so many aspects of squat that help your body, as long as your knees are healthy and don't trouble you in that position. If you watch young children, you'll notice how easily and fluidly they mo

Divine Intervention

Some days getting a read on my intuition and hearing my inner voice is challenging.When that happens it's hard to make a decision from a place of clarity, no matter how much I try to tune in. On this particular winter day, snow was swirling in the growing wind and the debate in my mind began.Once a month on Sundays I teach a yoga class up the hill into Shutesbury, but this morning the weather was not looking so good and the roads had yet to be cleared. After consulting with my friend and colleague, and feeling like I was being a wuss, I made the decision to head out into the elements. The roads were slippery and still covered with a thick layer of snow. Not a lot of cars on the road which wa

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