Retreat Into Silence

Round and round the small shed the grizzly bear chased me, its hot breath close on my heels. I wasn't really afraid, just kind of startled. And so began the first night of my silent retreat. Submerged in a dream state, the bear was a perfect companion to get me started. I began to notice that as long as my external as well as internal voice was quiet, the bear didn't bother me, going peacefully about its business. As soon as I opened my mouth or had a thought, the bear aggressively ran after me. I realized at that point that the retreat meant not only outward silence, but included turning to silence within. In the dream I went deeply into quietude and sat on a bench in the sun. As I tipped m

Unlocking My Voice

In my self righteous need to speak my truth, I lost sight of how my words and energy would impact us both, in a way that left me feeling yucky. By the look on his face, I'm sure he had a similar reaction. In this case it was a friend and the wave of emotion that landed on him felt justified… at least in that moment. But stepping away from that moment and feeling the intensity of my emotions subside, I realized that there was/is another way that I could have handled that situation. I can speak my truth from a place of openness, rather than from an emotional release that's triggered by my ego. When I can do that, I notice that a feeling of clarity follows, without a leftover residue of emotion

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