My Feathered Friend

My namesake came to visit a couple of weeks ago in the form of a feathered friend. He flew into my dining room window, opening his wings wide as he hit the glass over and over, finally giving up and flying away. But a few days later I was relaxing on my porch and again, the robin began to fly into my window. This time it was the north side of the house and he was very persistent. I thought it unusual because he always started from the ground, so he couldn't see his reflection from that angle. Yet over and over again with wings spread wide he launched himself into the glass. I've learned over the years to pay close attention to the wilder animal kingdom when it presents itself. It used to tak

Balancing the Pelvic Floor

Pulling into my driveway I often think of Pavlov's dog as I feel the urge to race into the house. But instead of the stimulus being a bell and the reward food, my stimulus is the house itself and my reward the bathroom. I have to stop, take some breaths and not respond immediately to that urge to pee. What saves me from embarrassing myself is a strong pelvic floor; one that has been strengthened through a regular yoga practice that targets those muscles, as well as a practice called mula bandha. You don't have to be as old as I am to experience a weak pelvic floor, as it's not only aging that contributes to this issue. It's pregnancy and childbirth, bad posture, long hours of sitting, high i

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