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"The Shape of My Pain"

“The Shape of My Pain”

A dear friend/client of mine had a rough fall on the ice and broke her clavicle and two ribs on the right side. This, just weeks after recovering from shoulder surgery. I went to her home to provide a session in energy healing, bringing in the practice of Wholeness Energetics and Reiki. She was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in her right shoulder blade and couldn't get relief. This pain was having an impact on her ability to sleep, and get the rest that her body was so needing to heal.

I had her lie down on her back with pillows under her knees to make her more comfortable. We began the session by bringing in the ujjayi breath, which helps to calm and focus the mind and body. As she relaxed into ujjayi, I opened her field of energy and then placed a crystal grid on the right side of her chest to draw pain away from the site that was most acutely in distress. I also placed crystals at her root chakra, 6th chakra, and the high heart chakra.

It felt most important to focus my hands on her chest and under the shoulder blade in distress. As heat moved into her body, I began asking questions about her pain. We tend to want to run from pain and wish it away, but I was asking her to go deeper into the pain and take a look at it. I asked her to go to the edge of it and tell me what it looked like: the color, the shape and the size. It was like a black hole in a funnel shape that bored deeply into her body. It had sharp edges to it and pulsed with pain.

As we went deeper into the session, the energy around this black hole began to shift. It started to flatten out and get smoother. The color of it began to change too, so it moved from a deep black to a brownish, red. We worked with it together as a team, helping her to open up to the healing that is already inside of her. As this healing occurred, the color and shape shifted again. Blue came into the edges and gradually became larger, joining with the red to create purple light, still with a smaller center of brown. We stayed with it until the whole circle spread out and the brown disappeared altogether, the space now flattened with deep reds, blues and purples; nice healing colors. The pain lessened significantly, allowing her to relax, the deeper into our session we traveled.

After closing up her energy field, I gave her homeplay (homework). I asked her to draw the progression of her pain as it shifted in her body. This drawing is what she created and sent to me the following day, calling it “The Shape of My Pain”.

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