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The Rising of the Feminine

One drop in the planetary ocean, became millions of drops creating life in a movement for change. A sea of pink pussy hats spread across the planet, exclaimed that we as women will not be silent. It began with the dream of one woman to march on Washington and quickly grew to extend well beyond our borders. We are indeed a planetary people and what affects one of us, affects us all. The images were startling, empowering and filled with hope that the rising of the feminine is happening, not only within women, but in men open to their feminine aspects as well.

In marches across the planet there were no incidents of violence and no arrests. Millions of women, children and men marched peacefully, packed together, calm and respectful. The rising of the feminine is by its very nature, nurturing and peaceful. With women at the heart of this movement, it spoke the language of compassion and inclusion; a coming together around a common cause, speaking out against the injustices and inequalities that are all too present in our culture.

Women have been dis-empowered, held back and down as second class citizens. As a planetary culture, we are dominated by the masculine aspect as demonstrated through our history of power, aggression, striving and control. We have descended deeper into the shadow side of our cultural failings, which have become an open wound needing to be healed. We can react in fear and anger, shutting down and signing out. Or we can react in fear and anger, and take it as an opportunity to look deeply at what needs to change and actively find ways to plug in and speak out.

It is critical that qualities of the feminine are allowed expression, as it is through the balance of the masculine and feminine that we will be healed. As Theologian Matthew Fox states, “When the Sacred Masculine is combined with the Sacred Feminine inside each of us, we create the 'sacred marriage' of compassion and passion in ourselves.” No matter how you gender identify, we hold aspects of both the feminine and the masculine within us. As the tides shift, the emerging of the feminine brings us to a more balanced state of equilibrium, yet also threatens those who hold power. We are in for the good fight; for the qualities of compassion, kindness and love to hold steady and prevail.

So the question emerges as to how we sustain the energy and momentum to face the gross misappropriation of power that is now running our government. Each day we are witnessing the abuse and destruction of all we've fought for and worked hard to change to make our culture one of inclusiveness and respect for all people and for our environment. Because the feminine tendency is to nurture and take care of others first, it is imperative that we find tools to nurture and support ourselves to prevent burn out, illness and distress. Finding time to connect in nature, spending time with friends, developing a meditation, yoga and/or tai chi practice, reading quietly and disconnecting from the media for a few hours or several days at a time are some of the ways we can nourish ourselves. Build it in as a regular practice, so you can continue to step up and speak out from a place of balance, compassion and clarity. And speak up we must.

The raw wound of our collective shadow side has been exposed and the march was one of many ways that helped us recognize and wake up to what has been simmering below the surface for far too long. As women, we will no longer be silent and stand in the background to be seen, but not heard. Our individual and collective voices need to speak out and shape the coming world for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. It's time again to march, call, write, donate time and money and plug in where and when you can to let your voice be heard.

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