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The Internal Witness

There is nothing I can tell you

that you don't already know

There is no question that you can ask me

that you yourself cannot answer

You have just forgotten.

~ David Littlewood

This quote has become a favorite reminder that every answer I seek is within me. All I really need to do is inquire deeply, and with great quietude listen for the truth, in the answers that emerge. The mirror of what is called the outside world is reflecting all of my beliefs, attitudes and emotional reactions to what I've created. It is a great paradox that to understand what is on the outside we must go inside, and to create spaciousness we must crawl through the minutiae of our subconscious world, in order to release that which no longer serves who we are.

I have spent the bulk of my life as a seeker, yearning for that deeper connection with spirit and understanding more about why I'm in this body and who I am. It wasn't until I experienced Wholeness Energetics that the pieces began falling into place and a letting go occurred as I did internal house cleaning. In the past, I spent most of my spiritual seeking looking outside of myself, without even realizing that was what I was doing. Teachers would say to look within, but I never really understood what that meant, because the snippets of those experiences didn't hold. They were like teases of something just out of reach, as I longed for the recreation of those feelings and images that came so vividly to me.

But Wholeness Energetics has been a different experience altogether, as it has grounded me in a spiritual reality through the exploration of my shadow side; a deeper journey into the core of my subconscious mind. As those wounded spots have released, spaces have opened up, freeing my body, mind and spirit as nothing else has done. I have witnessed this occurring repeatedly for myself and for my clients. It is like peeling away layers of an onion to reach the inner core.

As a child and well into my adulthood, I had a recurring dream about hidden rooms that I could only access through the attic or my closet. I never knew what this dream was about until I was in my late forties. This last dream of coming into a hidden bedroom showed a photo of my sister and brother on the wall, with a small light on over the bed. A boy's cap hung from a hook and I knew that if I stayed in the dream, I'd meet my brother who died before I was born. I startled awake and understood what those dreams had been about for all of those years.

Now in my household growing up, my brother was the unspoken presence; a secret that was not a secret, but never spoken about. There was only one time that I ever had a conversation with my mother and father about him, and that was when I was twenty years old. I had found a small suitcase with pictures of him that I had never seen before. For two hours the three of us pored over those photos and they told me stories of him as a little boy. Then the case was packed up and put away, and we never spoke of him again.

Through Wholeness Energetics, I plunged into the root of my family's grief and discovered how I had subconsciously taken on and carried some of that burden of sorrow for my mother. My brother lived actively in my subconscious, and through deep inquiry I was able to access that tragedy, bring it to the surface, process the grief and see it with new eyes, helping me to bring a measure of peace and healing into my being.

All of this was locked up in my shoulders, neck and heart; not knowing how to find release and not even knowing how present it was in coloring my life. It was through the systematic and intuitive approach that defines Wholeness Energetics, that I was able to release stored blockages and beliefs, supporting and encouraging the hidden emotions locked in my body and mind, to finally let go. And in that letting go, I freed not only myself, but my mother and brother as well.

If you'd like to like to take a deeper journey into yourself and explore what Wholeness Energetics has to offer, please contact me. It will be well worth the trip.

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