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Finding Peace With An Unwanted Holiday Companion

Whether you are with family and friends or spending the holidays alone, stress is often an unwanted companion. We step into this holiday season with a certain amount of expectations of what we think might or should happen, which has an impact on the outcome of our experiences. We often sacrifice sleep to stay up visiting, overindulge in food and alcohol, try to manage tension in relationships or feel the empty spaces of those we wish we could be with. For whatever reason stress builds up, we need to find ways that support and help us cope with those pressures.

A routine that I find helpful in dealing with stress are the four thumps. They help to calm the nervous system and recharge your internal battery. These techniques are simple to do, take very little time and can be done once a day or as often as you start to feel tension starting to rise.

The Four Thumps

The four thumps are pathways that connect our body's energy systems, to allow them to communicate with each other with more clarity. By tapping or massaging these points, we open the body's potential to move into greater balance. This routine done first thing in the morning begins the day on a positive note, but can be practiced at any time during the day when your energy is running low. However, it's best not to do this close to bedtime as it can be quite stimulating.

1. Stomach Meridian Points

The stomach meridian points are located on the orbital bones just below the eyes. With both hands, tap your fingers firmly on these cheekbone points.

Tapping on these points stimulates the stomach meridian, which supports the body's ability to ground by connecting with earth's energies. Think of it as a battery recharge, as your body's electrical system connects with the earth's magnetic energy.

2. Kidney-27 Points

The K-27 points lie just under the collarbones. To find this point, slide your fingers to where the collarbones meet just below the throat. Bring fingertips just below collarbones and slightly to the side. You'll feel a slight indentation between the collarbones and the breastbone. Tap or massage firmly for several breaths.

K-27 points get all of your meridians in tune with each other. They support the respiratory system and help to open up the chest, as well as helping to release the fight or flight response, allowing us to relax more deeply.

3. Thymus Gland

To access the benefits of the thymus, tap or massage firmly right in the center of your breastbone with the four fingers of both hands for about 20 seconds.

Tapping the thymus gives your immune system a boost. It helps to activate your energy, while increasing strength and vitality.

4. Spleen Meridian Points

Tracing out from the breasts to the side body, in line with the armpits, tap or massage vigorously for about 15 seconds. Or, slide just below the nipples onto the rib bones and tap or massage. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

A balanced spleen is crucial for our overall health, and tapping these neurolymphatic points release built up toxins and help to fight infection. It brings your body's rhythms into balance, releases stress and supports the body's ability to metabolize food, thoughts, emotions and our reactions to life's experiences.

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season and hopes for more sanity in the New Year.

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